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ScanSnap Scanner

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The popular ScanSnap scanner can be used with Enterprise Organizer Pro to organize new scans.

Scanning Limitations

The ability to use the ScanSnap is somewhat limited. As a result, you can't scan in Enterprise Organizer Pro's Edit view use the Scan button. This is because Fujitsu chose to not let other programs integrate with the ScanSnap. Specifically, the ScanSnap doesn't provide a TWAIN driver, which is what third-party programs need to be able to talk to it.

Using the ScanSnap with Enterprise Organizer Pro

There are two options for using the ScanSnap with Enterprise Organizer Pro:

Set Up Enterprise Organizer Pro to Receive Incoming Scans

You can set up your ScanSnap to send its scans to Enterprise Organizer Pro. Once it's set up, here's how scanning will work:

  1. In Enterprise Organizer Pro, select the cabinet/drawer/folder where you want the scan to go
  2. Run the scan with your ScanSnap
  3. The file will show up in Enterprise Organizer Pro
  4. Give it a name

This is a very efficient and easy way to scan and organize at the same time. For this method to work, you need to make some simple configuration changes in your ScanSnap software (note that this may not work with all versions of the ScanSnap software):

  1. Open the ScanSnap Manager from the system tray in the bottom-right corner of the screen. In some versions, it is a blue icon with a white "S".
  2. Right-click on the ScanSnap button in the ScanSnap Manager, and un-check the "Use Simple Menu" (or Use Quick Menu) option.
  3. Under the Application tab, add Enterprise Organizer Pro to the list of applications. The Enterprise Organizer Pro program is typically located at: C:Program FilesEnterprise OrganizerMainEnterprise Organizer Pro. (On 64-bit machines, the file path is: C:Program Files (x86)Enterprise OrganizerMainEnterprise Organizer Pro )
  4. Select Enterprise Organizer Pro as the default application.

Now open Enterprise Organizer Pro and go to a drawer or folder. Put a document in the ScanSnap scanner and press the scan button on the scanner. It will scan and save the PDF to the current location in Enterprise Organizer Pro.


You can automatically run OCR on new scans when they come in. See OCR Settings.

Use the Enterprise Organizer Pro Inbox

Enterprise Organizer Pro's Inbox is one of the easiest ways to bring ScanSnap scans into Enterprise Organizer Pro. The ScanSnap has a default folder where it wants to save all incoming scans. Simply assign this folder as the location for Enterprise Organizer Pro's Inbox. Then when you want to scan, do the following:

  1. Go to Enterprise Organizer Pro's Inbox tab.
  2. Scan a document using the ScanSnap.
  3. The document will show up in the Inbox.
  4. Using the split view, move the file into the Enterprise Organizer Pro location where you want to store it; you can rename the file on the fly as you move it.

For more information, see Using an Inbox and Drop Renaming.

ScanSnap Scanner