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Joining a Remote Session

Estimated Reading Time: 1 Minutes
  1. Log into the host page using your username and password

2.There are several ways to join a session as a host from the Host page:

  • Double-click on a session
  • Select a session and click the “Join” icon.

  • Right-click on the session and select “Join.”

The Join Session dialog will open to walk you through connecting to your session.

3. Run the session launcher

Try next option

If you are having problems joining a session, click the “Try Next Option” link at the bottom of the dialog to cycle through the available session launcher options.

Note: When you cycle through using the “Try Next Option” method, QuikBox Remote will cache the launcher that was last used. The next time you join a session, QuikBox Remote will automatically attempt to connect your session with your last selected launcher.

Joining a Remote Session