Emailing documents from FileCenter

FileCenter has a number of convenience features that make it quick and painless to email documents. 
The “Email” Button
The Email button on the main toolbar. Regardless of what context you’re in, you can use this button to email the current document. That means that if you have a file
selected in a cabinet, you can click Email and send it. It also means that you can select a file in your search results and email it, or email the document you have open in Edit

Email Files as PDFs
FileCenter makes it effortless to send any kind of document as a PDF. Just select the document, go to the drop-arrow under the Email button, and select Email as PDF or Email as Secure PDF. FileCenter will send a PDF copy of the document and leave the original untouched.

Scan to Email
If you need to send someone a copy of a paper document, FileCenter will let you scan it straight to email. Just click the drop-arrow under the Scan button and select Scan to Email. FileCenter will attach the scan directly to an email message. A fast, simple, and superior alternative to faxing.