File Search


File searching only concerns itself with looking for files and/or folders that contain a certain word in their name, or perhaps fall within a certain date range.

Content searching on the other hand, will do everything that file searching does, but it goes deeper still. Content searches can probe into the actual contents of documents, looking for keywords and search phrases in the document body itself.

How to Search:

Navigate to FileCenter’s Search tab. Search by:

File Name. Provide any portion of the file (or folder) name you’re searching for. You can use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard: it will match zero or more characters

With Windows FileSearch, you can only search one cabinet at time

Retrieve. Choose whether you want to search your files, your folders, or both.

File Types. You can limit your search to specific types of files. For example, you may only want to see Word files, or PDF files. specify what kind of files you want to search is to select them on the Pick Type list

Searching within a Cabinet

  1. Select the drawer/folder you want to search
  2. Click the Search button above the list of files
  3. Choose Windows File Search as the Engine
  4. Enter your search parameters
  5. Click Search


Date-You can also specify specific start and end dates for a custom range. Only files that fall within the range will show up in the results.


Search by Content

Use “+” to Require a Term. Put a “+” symbol in front of every word that must be in the document. FileCenter will only return documents that have that term in them.

Use “-” to Omit a Term. If you put a “-” symbol in front of a word, FileCenter will only return documents that do not have that term in them

Use ““ for Exact Phrases. Put quotation marks around exact phrases. FileCenter will only return documents that contain that exact phrase.

Punctuation and Capitalization Don’t Matter. FileCenter completely ignores punctuation and capitalization in a document. Suppose your document says, “Right-click the file and select "more options" >>"Add to zip".” FileCenter simply sees “right click the file and select more options Add to zip.