Working with PDFs

Enabling Tabs

  • Click "Edit" Tab in FileCenter (PDF Editor) 
    • Click "Tools" dropdown 
    • Click “Restore PDF Editor Default Settings”

Merging PDFs

Manage tab and drag/drop the files onto each other:

  1. Select as many files as you want
  2. Drop them onto the file you want to add them to
  3. Choose whether to Append or Prepend
  4. Confirm the document order
  5. Click OK FileCenter will combine them on the spot.

Splitting PDFs

  1. Select the PDF you want to split
  2. Go to Actions >> Split Document

Re-Naming PDFs

  1. Select the PDS
  2. Rename

Editing PDFs

  1. Go to the ‘Edit’ tab on the ribbon

Erase PDF

  1. Go to Edit Image at the top
  2. Select ‘Eraser Area’ to erase a section of the document you want removed
  3. Select ‘Erase outside’ to select an area of the document to keep. The rest of the document outside the selected area is removed.



1.Open the PDF

  1. Go to the Document menu on the PDF editor’s toolbar
  2. Select Redaction > Mark for Redaction
  3. Draw a rectangle around the area to be redacted, OR …
  4. Drag the cursor across text to be redacted