Getting Started with QuikBox Document Search

QuikBox Document Search provides you with a powerful yet simple interface to search across content sources and to swiftly get the right information at the right time.

Please Note: Chrome is the preferred browser for QuikBox Document Search.

Install QuikBox Links Chrome Extensions



  • To search, type the IP-address e.g. of QuikBox Document Search in your Chrome browser.
  • When prompted, enter your username and password. It should be the same as when logging on to your computer or as provided by the administrator
  • Start by typing one or more words that define what you are looking for. You can refine your search with.
  • Adding quotes “ “before and after a word or a sentence will search for the exact sentence. For example: xerox copier brings up 7 results, where as “xerox copier” brings up 2 results.  The first brings up documents with xerox and copier in any part of the document.  The latter brings up only documents with the phrase “xerox copier”

Adding ‘ | ‘ before a word means OR. For example, conference | team give out documents containing conference or team

Filtering and Sorting

You can filter out your search based on the type of document, date and meta-information such as and projects. You can also sort on date or relevancy.

The screenshot below shows the results of the query “Conference”. The search has been further broken down to only include documents from the “Public“, “Publications_Archive” and “Events_Archive” collection. You can also filter the search to only include documents from a file type like Excel, PDF PowerPoint etc or from a date interval like the last 30 daysthis year or older than two years.




Collections are sources of documents like shared files and folders. Collections will appear as tabs in the search result. Clicking on a tab will filter out all other collections.



QuikBox Document Search suggests query words while you are writing. The words proposed are fetched from documents the user has access to such that words which you can’t find in traditional dictionaries, are included.

Spell Checking

QuikBox Document Search can propose correctly spelled words if you have misspelled a word. As for Suggest, the dictionary is built from indexed documents.

Infections and Stemming

Searching for “car” also shows documents containing “cars”, etc.

Sharing Search Results

Create a search query, copy the URL on the address bar and share it on a messaging application or via email. Once the user clicks on the address, they’ll be able to view the search results similar to yours.