FileCenter Interface

The Manage tab is where you’ll organize your files. Think of it as Windows Explorer, only better. 


You can open files, delete files, rename files, copy files, move files, etc.; but mostly, you will browse, organize, and manage your files – any kind of file.




To open a file, just double-click it. It will open in whatever Windows program normally handles that kind of file. If it happens to be a PDF file, you’ll have the choice of opening it in its regular program or in FileCenter. 

The Edit tab is a “PDF editor” – a tool for viewing and editing PDF files. Here you will print a file, add or remove pages, fill out forms, add comments and annotations, etc.

Double click on a file to Edit and select ’Open in QuikBox FileCenter Edit tab

The FileCenter will launch the Edit Tab in new Window


Search Tab

Use the Search tab to search through your files. You can search by filename or you can search the body of the files. For example, if you know that the missing file mentions the name “Smith” in it, you can search for any files that contain the text “Smith”. In that sense, search is just like a web search, only you are searching the body of your documents instead of web pages.

FileCenter will give you a full list of documents that meet your search criteria. Once you spot your file, you have a few options: you can jump to it in the Manage tab, you can open it, you can edit it in the Edit tab (if it’s a PDF), etc.The Search tab is your tool for finding needles in the haystack.




The Inbox Tab

Use the Inbox to move inbound files into FileCenter. examples: files coming off of a network scanner, files on a portable scanner, files from a fax service. These are files coming into your office from some device or service.

 Your Inbox will show you these files and help you move them into FileCenter. 



The Ribbon and the File Tab

The ribbon is simply the main toolbar that runs along the top of the interface. 

Email. With the Email button, you can send files via email in just a mouse click. You’ll also find that there are over half a dozen power tools associated with emailing, like zipping files and emailing them, changing the way the filenames appear in the email, and sending files as PDFs … even if they weren’t PDFs to start with.

Scan/OCR. Many of the scanning/OCR features can be accessed as one-click shortcuts in the menus under the Scan and OCR buttons.


Actions. The Actions button on the main ribbon contains a whole toolbox of PDF manipulation features that work regardless of which view you’re in.


Tools. In the Tools button you will find a host of power features that didn’t fit in the other task buttons.