Combine PDF Files through Drag-and-Drop

Most businesses like law firms deal with ever-growing PDF files. For example, they might add signed addenda to a contract. A warehouse might add shipping or delivery information to a purchase order. A doctor’s office might add x-rays to the doctor’s notes.

One way to add pages to a PDF is to just scan them in, Insert New Pages into an Existing Document. But if you receive the new pages as PDF or image files, just go
into the Manage tab and drag/drop the files onto each other:

1. Select as many files as you want (PDF, TIFF, or JPEG)
2. Drop them onto the file you want to add them to
3. Choose whether to Append or Prepend
4. Confirm the document order
5. Click OK
FileCenter will combine them on the spot.
People often refer to this as “stacking” or “merging” PDFs. Regardless of what you call it, it’s a fast, easy way to join two PDFs.