Creating Conversion Jobs

A basic conversion job will convert a folder of files to searchable PDF and save the converted files to another folder.

  • FileConvert searches or watches a folder for files like images or PDFs.
  • Subfolders can be ignored or included
  • Image files are converted to searchable PDF and moved to a new location

The classic use for a basic conversion job is a network scanner. Most network scanners saver scans to a folder. FileConvert will watch this folder. Each new scan that arrives will get converted and moved to an output folder that you specify.

Setting Up a Basic Conversion Job

  1. Click the New button on the main toolbar 
  2. Give the new Job a unique name, Set Job Type to Scheduled,  Priority None

  3. Specify the input Folder, check the boxes as above.
  4. Specify the Output Folder

  5. Under OCR, make the PDFs to be searchable and to auto-rotate

  6. If the Job requires separation, specify the interval here

  7. Set the job to check for new files after every one minute