Email Search Using the Outlook Client

Starting the Search

Click on Mailstore tab on your Outlook window.

Using Quick Search

The input field is located in the left part of the MailStore Outlook Add-In. Simply enter one or more keywords and press ENTER. The search results are displayed. Keywords which appear in the header or the subject line are highlighted.

Click on Open Message to open the original email to reply or forward. If previously deleted, click on ‘Restore Message’ to restore to your inbox.




Advanced Search

In the MailStore Outlook Add-In, click on Advanced Search and enter the search parameters

To display all emails containing a word with a particular fragment, use the wildcard character (*). For example:

quik* will return quikquikboxquiksearch etc.




will return all email addresses and domains of


will return all email addresses of nickr.

To view all emails containing a word you can’t to spell correctly, you can use the question mark (?). For example


would locate Meier and Meyer, but not Maier.

To search for words appearing consecutively and in a specific order, use quotation marks (""). For example:

"Backup Report"

will return the text Backup Report but not Backup Success or Backup Failed.


Searching Other Email Archives