Searching Using the Windows Desktop Client

Download the eMail Archive Client setup file. It is a regular Windows setup program, that can by executed on the appropriate client computer by double-clicking on the setup file. Just follow on-screen instructions.

Starting and Logging In

Start eMail Archive Client by using the appropriate link on the desktop. The login window appears.

Put the IP address or hostname of the eMail Archive Server machine into Server Name. Be aware, that the pre-filled entry localhost only works if the eMail Archive Client is run from the same machine where eMail Archive Server is installed.

Enter your username and password  into the User Name and Password fields and click OK. You may be asked to trust the eMail Archive Server; click OK here.


Searching by Folder Structure

eMail Archive stores all archived emails in a eMail Archive-specific folder structure, in which emails are displayed using the same structure as their corresponding source application. This means that folders created in the source application (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) are not changed during the archiving process and can be found easily in eMail Archive as well.

User Archives

For every user, eMail Archive creates a folder called My Archive on the highest level of the folder structure. Each folder corresponds to the user archive of the respective user and contains all his or her emails.

If the user has access to the archives of other users, their folders are listed as Archive of  under the top level folder Other Archives.


Viewing the Emails in a Folder

To view the emails in a folder, simply click on the folder name. The emails will be listed below the folder structure.

Click on the text Sorted by:  to change the order in which emails are displayed. Emails can be sorted according to:

  • Date
  • From/To (sender/recipient of the email)
  • Subject

Click on the Field to the right of Sorted by ("New to Old" in the screenshot) to reverse the order in which emails are arranged. By default, the latest email is displayed first.



Refreshing the View

To refresh the list of folders, click on a folder and press F5 on your keyboard.

Click on the folder again to refresh the list of emails.


Quick Search

With eMail Archive's integrated quick search feature, users can browse through all emails in all user archives they have access to. Quick search is especially suitable for simple queries. Alternatively, an Extended Search can be used.