Sharing documents with portal users

If you want to grant access only to people who can log in to your portal,

  1. Set a default access type for all the persons/groups you want to share the document with. The Read Only option is selected by default. Click the   icon next to the the Add Users or Add Groups button and choose the necessary option: Full Access, Review, Form Filling, Comment, Read Only, or Deny Access. The available options may differ depending on the file type.
  2. Click the Add Users or Add Groups button to open the user/group list
  3. Check the persons (groups) you want to share the document with and click the Save button



When adding users, you can check them one by one using the filter field at the top to facilitate the search. It's also possible to check the necessary group or the Select all option on the right to add all the users from the selected group or all the portal users respectively.

4. If necessary, change the permission details for each particular user/group selecting one of the available options from the drop-down list next to the person/group name.

To remove a user/group from the list use the  icon.

You can grant access to all portal members except several of them or a certain group instead of adding every member separately. For this purpose, just click the 'Add Groups' button, select the 'Everyone' option and set the necessary access type for it. Then add a certain group or user using one of the buttons and select the 'Deny Access' option.

5.Leave the Send notification box checked to send a standard email message to the persons you shared your document with

6.Click the Add message link to add your own text to the standard email notification

7. Press the Save button at the bottom of the window

Each portal user you shared the file with can find this document in the Shared with me section.

If you need to get a link to the shared file so that you can send this link to the portal users, click the  icon within the 'Sharing Settings' window. The link will be copied to the clipboard.



Sharing documents using the link

To enable the possibility to grant access to the file to everyone with the link to it or to embed the file into a web page so that every visitor of this page can view the document, click the External link access switcher within the 'Sharing Settings' window - after that the available parameters will be displayed.

Sharing the link to the document

  1. Define the access type choosing the Full Access, Review, Form Filling, Comment, or Read Only option from the list next to the External link access caption. The available options may differ depending on the file type.
  2. Use the Shorten option to get a shortened link,
  3. Select the way you want to share the document:
    • Copy the link to the clipboard to send it via a messenger or in any other way.
    • Click the icon to send the link via email.

Close the 'Sharing Settings' window clicking the Close button

To deny access via the link to the previously shared document, you can choose the Deny Access option from the list or click the External link access switcher once again to disable this option.