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Using the PDF Editor


After your scan comes in, you can make edits to the page: crop and straighten it, remove stray marks and background noise, and erase or even redact (black out) parts of the text. To use these features:
1. Open the scan in the Edit view
2. Select the page you want to edit
3. Click the Edit PDF Image button on the main toolbar
4. Make your edits
5. Click Commit Changes


2. Redact Sections

1.Open the PDF
2. Go to the Document menu on the PDF editor’s toolbar
3. Select Redaction > Mark for Redaction
4. Draw a rectangle around the area to be redacted, OR …
5. Drag the cursor across text to be redacted



Note that you can still resize the rectangle after you’ve drawn it. The rectangle will appear transparent at this stage. To preview what it will look like once you’ve finalized the redaction, hover your mouse over the rectangle.
Redact any other portions of the document you’d like. Once you’ve marked all of the sections
you want redacted, finalize the redaction:
1. Go to back to the Document menu on the PDF editor’s toolbar
2. Select Redaction > Apply All Redactions
This will mask the affected areas and remove any underlying OCR text from those areas.


3. Fill Out Forms

Some PDF forms are “fillable”, meaning that the form has been set up for filling. You will know if a form is fillable because the mouse cursor will change to an “insert” cursor when you mouse over a field. To fill in the field, just click in it and type.

If the form won’t let you click in the fields and start typing, it means the form isn’t “fillable”.That doesn’t mean you can’t fill it out, it just means that the form hasn't been set up with any fields. The Typewriter section, below, will show you how to fill out these forms.


FileCenter offers a Typewriter feature so you can add text anywhere on a PDF. You’ll find this very useful with forms that aren’t fillable.
Click the typewriter button, then click where you want to start typing. Before you begin, notice that you can set the font.You can also change fonts midway through your typing. If you want to always default to the selected font, click Make Default. When you’re done typing, hit the Esc key on your keyboard to close the tool.