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 QuikBox File Center

Using the PDF Editor

1.Erase After your scan comes in, you can make edits to the page: crop and straighten it, remove stray marks and background noise, and erase or even redact (black out) parts of the text. To use these features:1. Open the scan in the Edit view2.... Read More

Use an Explorer Interface Instead of Drawers

If you prefer an Explorer interface to FileCenter’s “drawer” approach, you have two options. We recommend you still use cabinets, but with the Do Not Use Drawers display style:1. Click the Cabinets button2. Select the cabinet on the list3.... Read More

Emailing documents from FileCenter

FileCenter has a number of convenience features that make it quick and painless to email documents. The “Email” ButtonThe Email button on the main toolbar. Regardless of what context you’re in, you can use this button to email the current... Read More

Performing a File Search

If you navigate to FileCenter’s Search tab, the first thing that you’ll see is an option to select the Engine. Select Windows File Search. Now you can provide any of the following search parameters (all are optional):File Name. Provide... Read More

Searching within a Cabinet

While it’s possible to search entire cabinets, you’ll also find it useful to limit your search to a specific drawer or folder:1. Select the drawer/folder you want to search2. Click the Search button above the list of files3. Choose... Read More

Combine PDF Files through Drag-and-Drop

Most businesses like law firms deal with ever-growing PDF files. For example, they might add signed addenda to a contract. A warehouse might add shipping or delivery information to a purchase order. A doctor’s office might add x-rays to the... Read More

Make a File Searchable when You Scan

When you scan to PDF, FileCenter can automatically make the file searchable, without any extra steps or effort on your part. Here’s how:1. Click Scan on the main toolbar (in either Manage or Edit view)2. On the scan dialog, down under the Scan... Read More

Can’t Access Scanner Profile

Ensure you are using the right driver Uninstall and update your drivers Try changing the Mode and/or Transfer type Try scanning with the Use Scanner Dialog option turned on. Step 1: Update your Driver FileCenter doesn't do the actual... Read More

File Search

  File searching only concerns itself with looking for files and/or folders that contain a certain word in their name, or perhaps fall within a certain date range. Content searching on the other hand, will do everything that file searching does,... Read More

Working with PDFs

Enabling Tabs Click "Edit" Tab in FileCenter (PDF Editor) • Click "Tools" dropdown • Click “Restore PDF Editor Default Settings” Merging PDFs Manage tab and drag/drop the files onto each other: Select as many files as you want Drop... Read More