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 Scanning & OCR

ScanSnap Scanner

The popular ScanSnap scanner can be used with Enterprise Organizer Pro to organize new scans. Scanning Limitations The ability to use the ScanSnap is somewhat limited. As a result, you can't scan in Enterprise Organizer Pro's Edit view use... Read More

Scanning Profiles

You may have two or three different ways you scan 90% of the time. Changing the same settings over and over can be a real nuisance, not to mention inefficient and error-prone. Enterprise Organizer Pro solves this problem by letting you store your... Read More

Perform a Scan

Start a new scan with the Scan button in either the Edit view or the Manage view. Then choose what kind of scan you want to perform: New Scan This is the basic scanning option that you'll use most of the time. It starts a new file. Scan to Word... Read More

Scanning Options

There are many options available when you scan. This topic will walk you through them. Tip: If you switch settings a lot, consider making some profiles. See Scanning Profiles for more information. Options on the General Tab You'll find the... Read More

Scanning Problems

First, an important point to understand: Enterprise Organizer Pro has no direct control over your scanner. Scanners are controlled completely by their TWAIN driver and Windows. Enterprise Organizer Pro only puts in "requests" to the driver through... Read More

- Scanning Overview

Overview Enterprise Organizer Professional (EOP) makes document scanning as simple as possible. You'll be able to scan a document to searchable PDF in just a couple of easy mouse clicks. This topic will help you get started. To do a basic scan: ... Read More