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File Search

  File searching only concerns itself with looking for files and/or folders that contain a certain word in their name, or perhaps fall within a certain date range. Content searching on the other hand, will do everything that file searching does,... Read More

Searching within a Cabinet

While it’s possible to search entire cabinets, you’ll also find it useful to limit your search to a specific drawer or folder:1. Select the drawer/folder you want to search2. Click the Search button above the list of files3. Choose... Read More

Audio & Video

Before sending an audio message, if you are using a browser, you need to give QuikBox Web Chat permission to use your microphone. To start recording you can simply click on the Create new Audio Message option on the attachment menu. To stop... Read More

Quick Search

With quick search you can browse all emails located in the archives you have access to. This feature is especially suitable for simple queries; alternatively, the extended search can be used (see below). Using Quick Search The input field is... Read More

Accessing from a Web Browser

eMail Search Web Access Requirements The following web browsers are officially supported by eMail Search Web Access: Apple Safari 3 or higher Google Chrome Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher Mozilla Firefox 3 or higher Opera 9 or higher  ... Read More

Creating/Editing a Signature

1.Open a new email message. 2.Select Signature > Signatures from the Message menu.Depending on the size of your Outlook window and whether you're composing a new email message or a reply or forward, the Message menu and the Signature... Read More

Search by Archive Folder

User Archives The folder My Archive contains all emails that were archived from your mailboxes. If you have read-access to the archives of additional users, their emails are located in the folders labeled Archive of . Display of Emails in a... Read More

Creating Events

There are two ways to add events to QuikBox Calendar Quick Mode Left-click within a day you wish to add an event to In a new popup window, enter the event basic information: title, location, time and select the calendar you wish to add your event to... Read More

Sharing documents with portal users

If you want to grant access only to people who can log in to your portal, Set a default access type for all the persons/groups you want to share the document with. The Read Only option is selected by default. Click the   icon next to the the... Read More

Assigning tasks

To set a task: Click the Create button in the upper left corner and select the Task option. Enter a Title for your task. Select an appropriate task Category from the drop-down list. Enter a contact you wish to link your task with. Set a... Read More

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