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Restoring Email

In the toolbar above the email preview you can find the function Restore to Mailbox. By using that function, you can send the currently displayed message to an arbitrary email address in order to restore the message from the archive. Before you can... Read More

Opening Email in Email Application

In the toolbar above the email preview, two buttons are available: Open Message, Restore Message. These may be used for instance to answer or forward archived emails. Additionally styles and graphics of HTML emails can be displayed this way. Read More

Email Display

To view an email which was returned by one of the search functions described above, simply click on it. A preview of the email is displayed on the right side of the screen. Please keep in mind that images and any formatting will not be displayed in... Read More


Starting a Search Click on Search to start the search. The results are displayed in a list.   Refining the Search Results To narrow the results after a search has been executed, click on Advanced Search again, enter additional search criteria... Read More

Quick Search

With quick search you can browse all emails located in the archives you have access to. This feature is especially suitable for simple queries; alternatively, the extended search can be used (see below). Using Quick Search The input field is... Read More

Creating events

You can add events to your personal calendar in several ways: using the Quick Mode that allows to add basic information about an event, or switching to the Advanced Mode to specify all the event details such as a recurrence period, reminder time,... Read More

Emailing documents from FileCenter

FileCenter has a number of convenience features that make it quick and painless to email documents. The “Email” ButtonThe Email button on the main toolbar. Regardless of what context you’re in, you can use this button to email the current... Read More


To insert an emoji in a message, hit the emoji button on the left of the message input to view an emoji window. There you can select by sections and search for emojis. You can also insert emojis by inputting a colon: in the message box followed by... Read More

Advanced Search

With eMail Search’s integrated extended search, complex queries can be executed which may not only refer to the email content but also parameters such as the date or the email size. Using the Advanced Search  In the upper part of the eMail... Read More

Accessing from a Web Browser

eMail Search Web Access Requirements The following web browsers are officially supported by eMail Search Web Access: Apple Safari 3 or higher Google Chrome Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher Mozilla Firefox 3 or higher Opera 9 or higher  ... Read More

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