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How to Setup QuikBox Chat on Mobile Phone

1.Download and install the Rocket Chat App from Playstore/Appstore Playstore: Appstore: 2.Start the application and... Read More

Not Showing Updated Chat Messages?

1. Press on the Alt key on your keyboard to pull up the QuikBox Chat App’s menu. 2. Go to View>>Reload Ignoring Cache.   The messages should properly display then. Read More

Managing your QuikBox Chat Account

To access and manage your QuikBox Web Chat account on a server, login and click on your profile picture or username and select My Account. Changing an account setting only changes it for the server you are connected to and not all servers you... Read More

Message Actions

You can interact with already posted messages too. To open the message actions menu, hover your mouse over the desired message and click on the three dots that will appear on the right side of the message. From this menu you can do the following.... Read More

Links & Location

Links When you send a link in a message, you will get a preview of the site, and in some cases it can create an interactive attachment, like a youtube video preview or a Spotify mini player.     Location Before sharing your location (if you are... Read More

Audio & Video

Before sending an audio message, if you are using a browser, you need to give QuikBox Web Chat permission to use your microphone. To start recording you can simply click on the Create new Audio Message option on the attachment menu. To stop... Read More

Sending Attachments

In QuikBox Web Chat you can send a variety of attachments with your message, like files, audio, links, videos, and much more. To access the attachment menu, you can simply click on the plus (+) icon on the message input. Read More

Compose Messages

Sending messages in QuikBox Web Chat is straightforward. Type a message in the message box and press Enter or the Send button.If you want to send multiple lines of text, press Shift + Enter to add a new line. Cursor movement while composing a... Read More


You can select files using three methods: By selecting the Select Files from Computer option from the attachment menu By dragging and dropping the file on QuikBox Web Chat By pasting a image from the clipboard After Selecting the file, you will... Read More