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Connecting to a VPN Session

To start the VPN connection of a registered connection setting, double-click the connection setting or click [Connect] on the [Connect] menu.   Establishing a VPN Connection When a VPN connection is established, the connection status changes to... Read More

Managing your QuikBox Chat Account

To access and manage your QuikBox Web Chat account on a server, login and click on your profile picture or username and select My Account. Changing an account setting only changes it for the server you are connected to and not all servers you... Read More

Joining a Remote Session

Log into the host page using your username and password 2.There are several ways to join a session as a host from the Host page: Double-click on a session Select a session and click the “Join” icon. Right-click on the session and select ... Read More

How to Setup QuikBox Chat on Mobile Phone

1.Download and install the Rocket Chat App from Playstore/Appstore Playstore: Appstore: 2.Start the application and... Read More

Creating Events

There are two ways to add events to QuikBox Calendar Quick Mode Left-click within a day you wish to add an event to In a new popup window, enter the event basic information: title, location, time and select the calendar you wish to add your event to... Read More

Adding your Computer to a Remote Site

Build an access agent installer. Click the Arrow to open the “Build Installer” modal window  2. Pick a name for the access session that will be created by this installer. From the drop-down menu, select either, “Use Machine Name” or ... Read More

Advanced Search

With eMail Search’s integrated extended search, complex queries can be executed which may not only refer to the email content but also parameters such as the date or the email size. Using the Advanced Search  In the upper part of the eMail... Read More