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Emailing documents from FileCenter

FileCenter has a number of convenience features that make it quick and painless to email documents. The “Email” ButtonThe Email button on the main toolbar. Regardless of what context you’re in, you can use this button to email the current... Read More

How to Send a Mass Email from QuikBox Office CRM

Your mailing list can contain up to 50 To create it just check the contacts you wish to send your email to in the Contacts list. Verify that all the selected contacts have the email address specified. If not, to add the address click the... Read More

Exporting Email

Messages archived into MailStore Home can be exported out again in order to access them in your favourite mail client.  You can export messages via a number of different methods, each described below.  Setting up message exporting is similar to... Read More

Email Search Using the Outlook Client

Starting the Search Click on Mailstore tab on your Outlook window. Using Quick Search The input field is located in the left part of the MailStore Outlook Add-In. Simply enter one or more keywords and press ENTER. The search results are displayed.... Read More

Restoring Email

In the toolbar above the email preview you can find the function Restore to Mailbox. By using that function, you can send the currently displayed message to an arbitrary email address in order to restore the message from the archive. Before you can... Read More

Opening Email in Email Application

In the toolbar above the email preview, two buttons are available: Open Message, Restore Message. These may be used for instance to answer or forward archived emails. Additionally styles and graphics of HTML emails can be displayed this way. Read More

Email Display

To view an email which was returned by one of the search functions described above, simply click on it. A preview of the email is displayed on the right side of the screen. Please keep in mind that images and any formatting will not be displayed in... Read More

Audio & Video

Before sending an audio message, if you are using a browser, you need to give QuikBox Web Chat permission to use your microphone. To start recording you can simply click on the Create new Audio Message option on the attachment menu. To stop... Read More

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