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How to Setup QuikBox Chat on Mobile Phone

1.Download and install the Rocket Chat App from Playstore/Appstore Playstore: Appstore: 2.Start the application and... Read More

How to Release a Spam Message

Click the Release link next to the message you would like to release. The Web browser will be redirected to the Email Security Quarantine page. Once the message has been released, a green success pop-up window will appear on your screen. (Note... Read More

How to Send a Mass Email from QuikBox Office CRM

Your mailing list can contain up to 50 To create it just check the contacts you wish to send your email to in the Contacts list. Verify that all the selected contacts have the email address specified. If not, to add the address click the... Read More

Not Showing Updated Chat Messages?

1. Press on the Alt key on your keyboard to pull up the QuikBox Chat App’s menu. 2. Go to View>>Reload Ignoring Cache.   The messages should properly display then. Read More

Connecting to a VPN Session

To start the VPN connection of a registered connection setting, double-click the connection setting or click [Connect] on the [Connect] menu.   Establishing a VPN Connection When a VPN connection is established, the connection status changes to... Read More

Adding your Computer to a Remote Site

Build an access agent installer. Click the Arrow to open the “Build Installer” modal window  2. Pick a name for the access session that will be created by this installer. From the drop-down menu, select either, “Use Machine Name” or ... Read More

Using the PDF Editor

1.Erase After your scan comes in, you can make edits to the page: crop and straighten it, remove stray marks and background noise, and erase or even redact (black out) parts of the text. To use these features:1. Open the scan in the Edit view2.... Read More

Adding contacts to the CRM

To add a new contact to your customer database: Click the Create button in the upper left corner and select one of two options: Person or Company. Fill in the obligatory fields: First Name and Last Name for persons, Company Name for... Read More

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